RapidKL Ensures More Than 4 million Passengers’ Safety with NUUO Total Solution

NUUO Central Management System Takes Care of High-end Projects

Incorporated on July 2004, RapidKL is Malaysia’s largest service provider of public transportation in the Klang Valley area with its integrated rail and bus network. Roughly, the integrated transportation service transports nearly 4.8million passengers every week with 992 buses and 48 rail stations operating daily. For that reason, to make sure this huge population of passengers is safely protected during the transits become an utmost mission for them. And RapidKL found that with NUUO CMS system and IP+ software, they are able to manipulate such large surveillance system and achieve their mission.

NUUO Hybrid Solution Offers Flexibility & NUUO CMS Powerfully Monitor over 600 cameras and Instantly Display Complex Alerts

Started on Sep 2009, RapidKL has adopted the NUUO CMS solution in monitoring their LRT (light rail transit) station. The original 450 analog cameras installed at 25 LRT stations are kept and managed by NUUO DVR Card (SCB-7000) for the local site monitoring and 24hr full D1 recording, and to have higher megapixel video quality, RapidKL added approximately 240 IP cameras—AXIS cameras within the train and SAMSUNG cameras spread out the train stations under NUUO same software. At two central control rooms, NUUO CMS is deployed for overall management of 48 sites. With the live matrix monitoring and alert function given by the CMS, the headquarters’ personnel could respond quickly corresponding to each event.

Health Monitoring Tools Help Maintain Servers' Great Condition

For the administration usage, they also utilized the Health Monitoring tools to ensure all the servers are in good condition at all times by monitoring the fan, RAM, processor’s usage and hard disk performance etc.

In conclusion, the system installer—Tetrex chose NUUO to be the surveillance system for RapidKL for its highest recording performance, user-friendliness and complete CMS solution that well-fit the demands of this project.



  • Organization: RapidKL
  • Location: Malaysia
  • Industry: Transportation
  • Solution: NUUO Mainconsole

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