Big Apple’s No.1 Meat Supplier Apply NUUO NVR Software to its New State of the Art Building

To prevent theft and protect new building with intelligent video analysis

Pat LaFrieda Meats is the number one name in meats distributed to restaurants in New York City. In order to have good service for more customers, prevent theft and protect their new state of the art building in New Jersey, they use NUUO video management software and Arecont cameras to build a new surveillance system. Pat LaFrieda Meats’ demand is to read the sides of vehicles, pallets, and boxes throughout the facility with extreme clarity and zero system lag. Moreover, Pat LaFrieda Meats needs intelligent video analysis to reduce recording storage to save cost. NUUO IP+ with free video intelligent video analysis fulfills the user’s demand and provides more benefit for Pat LaFrieda Meats, such as an easy to use interface and digital enhancement tool.

Motion detection and digital enhancement tool improve recording video performance

In this project, the surveillance system manages 27 Arecont megapixel cameras and the Access control system Hartmann Controls on 4 doors. The cameras are installed both inside and outside the building, in coolers, processing areas, shipping and receiving, and office areas. “Only during motion detection so we can maximize hard drive space,…most intelligent analysis are also great features and we use them all to enhance the overall user experience.” stated by Pat LaFrieda Meats. They record video when there have motion detection, that reduces recording storage and save hard disk cost for Pat LaFrieda Meats to keep video from 27 megapixel cameras up to 14 days. Nuuo NVR software’s digital enhancement is one of clients’ favorite features in this case. This enables them to “crop multiple fields at different depths of field from 1 video stream.” With the same camera, users can capture various views simultaneously according to their settings. Making use of IP+ software’s competence, clients will gain more effects than they expect. They also check live view remotely through the software or web browser. The software’s stream profile makes it possible for remote clients to view the channels with different resolution and compression format, so the users can save the bandwidth.

NUUO makes it very simple to use live screen and playback both locally and remotely

“NUUO has an extremely user friendly Graphical User Interface and that was very important in our design as we believe when an application is difficult to navigate our clients won’t use the system to its potential and they become frustrated. NUUO makes it very simple to use live screen and playback both locally and remotely” described by the system integrator.



  • Organization: Pat LaFrieda Meats
  • Location: United States
  • Industry: Industrial
  • Solution: NUUO Mainconsole

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