Football Stadium in Spain Upgrade to IP Surveillance for Better Protection

Municipal Sports Facilities Accommodate more than 20,000 Crowd

The Stadium NUEVO LOS CARMENES which is located in the Granada district of Zaidín, Spain and owned by the municipality of Granada, has a capacity of 16,212 spectators. Currently, the stadium is the location where the home team plays the Granada Club of football. Besides the stadium lies the Municipal Sports Palace of Granada, capable of accommodating 7,358 spectators, holding sports activities and sporadically cultural activities.

Upgrade to IP Surveillance with NUUO IP+ Software Provides Advantage of Overall Monitoring and PTZ Control

The main goal to upgrade the existing analog camera system to IP surveillance is to increase the security level to 24hr monitoring. Taking the account that the sports events usually gather large crowd, to prevent risky situation from happening, high quality of recording and monitoring the events in the hours before and after are mandatory. Both location—the Stadium and Sports Palace have installed VIVOTEK IP Camera VS7100 series on strategic points like lighting towers, public entrance, locker room doors…etc, and by utilizing the high ratio of optical zoom function, the whole area was viewed with ease. NUUO IP+ software was adopted for system management, allowing monitoring and management of 2 different locations, 40 channels in total in a single control room. The Dual Monitor well displayed the total 40 channels in details, and the user-friendly PTZ control provided by the software offered the optimum control.

Users Enjoy the Ease of Use and Stability of NUUO System

According to the system installer of this project—LSB S.L., the reason to choose NUUO system is due to its user-friendly design and the stability of the system. The client demands to see the live view from all cameras in exact details and control the video easily, quickly, whose requirements are all fulfilled by NUUO system.



  • Organization: Neuvo Los Carmenes Stadium
  • Location: Spain
  • Industry: Government
  • Solution: NUUO Mainconsole

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