NUUO cooperates with AXIS, securing the biggest hospital in Macau

Protecting state-of-the-art medical equipment and reducing risk in a large hospital

Kiang Wu Hospital is the largest hospital in Macau, serving millions of patients every year with 1500 medical service personnel. In 2009, a new Medical Center, the Dr. Henry Y.T. Fok Special Medical Center, was built. This Special Medical Center has state-of-the-art medical equipment as well as many professional medical groups. To protect the equipment , the doctors, patients and health care personnel as well as meeting all security demands, the 308 CH of AXIS IP and Megapixel cameras, together with NUUO surveillance software, was installed. For this huge system, the most vital issue is to maintain a stable and centrally managed security system that will maximize the efficiency and reduce the cost.

Managing 308CH of AXIS cameras with the most stable system

This large-scale hospital conducts a tight surveillance system, monitoring entrances, waiting rooms, registration offices, halls, billing and service counters, etc with 308 CH of AXIS IP, Megapixel and PTZ cameras. These locations are keys to protecting patients and all medical staff in this busy hospital and preventing crime. The videos are also important in case evidence is needed for potential insurance claims or legal issues. Megapixel and PTZ cameras are used to monitor wider places and Pan, Tilt and Zoom when they are needed to focus on specific images. Furthermore, NUUO digital PTZ with Joystick enables the operation of PTZ more fluent and users can multiply same camera image in different focus and distances so that one camera can reach the same utility with three or more cameras. NUUO NVR IP+ supports 64 CH of IP cameras per server, which can fulfill the need of a big system as well as any future need to expand while being most efficient with regards to costs. Security guards can also search by event and recording time when playing back all video, which saves time if and when evidence for insurance claims or the police are needed.

For a large project, a central management system increases the efficiency and reduces cost and risk

NUUO NVR IP+ manages these cameras and NUUO CMS (Central Management System) centrally manages these recording servers,,making the configuration, management and alarm reaction much faster and easier in this system.   The NCS Video Matrix for NUUO CMS is an advanced video wall product that provides situational awareness in the central surveillance station where the 308 Axis cameras are monitored. This results in higher efficiency and allows security guards to respond rapidly and to control any adverse situation in the hospital. NUUO CMS is easy to set up. It automatically configures all NUUO recording servers and synchronizes all devices. NUUO CMS details any and all events on its intuitive E-MAP with relation-based priority, reducing security personnel’s reaction time. NUUO CMS user-friendly interface and multiple functions save management cost and reduce the risk of human error, which is especially important in operating this big system. “Fairly easy to use.” The system integrator explained as one advantage of the system.



  • Organization: Kiang Wu Hospital
  • Location: Macau
  • Industry: Other
  • Solution: NUUO Mainconsole

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