NUUO helps to create a trustworthy entrance exam in China

18,000CH of surveillance system to build credibility for an important entrance exam

Every year, an examination for entrance into high schools is held in Fujian, China. It is very important for the government to hold a fair examination without any controversy and also to prevent any disorder from occurring during the exam. Therefore, the most important mission of the surveillance system is to uphold and verify the credibility of the exam. In 2008, 18,000 CH of VIVOTEK IP cameras were installed, monitoring every examination room and exam paper storage location. NUUO NVR IP+ managed the whole system from the management center, thus controlling the entire process.

NUUO stable system and Remote Live View manages a huge system and the complete process of the national examination

The System installed monitored not only the exam rooms to prevent cheating, provide evidence if needed and increase the order and discipline of candidates during the exam, but also monitored the delivery, storage, and distribution process of the examination papers, thus insuring full credibility. They also monitored the working situation of staff before, during and after the exam to increase the efficiency and also to prevent any staff cheating or irregularities. In addition, a record of the entrance and exit time of the staff and duty officers was also made. Remote Live View played a very important role so that security guards, schools’ principals and every manager throughout Fujian Province could view the video at the same time and from any location, . The central management in the provincial monitoring center could also hold the real-time situation of the full exam process. Furthermore, NUUO Transcode enables all viewers to view the videos in a lower quality and to record in a higher quality for potential evidence: This can save much bandwidth cost in this huge system and enable more users to monitor in the process.

The most user-friendly functions not only minimize staff cost and risk but also increases efficiency

The surveillance system utilized NUUO E-maps together with smart detections of unusual events to help the security guards monitor closely the whole system. If an unusual event happens, NUUO pop-up E-map can figure out where the event happened and the security guard can view the proper video by a simple click, reducing reacting time in an emergency. The instant playback and two-way audio are also helpful. The security guard can utilize instant playback to view an event that had just occurred even when the system is still in live viewing and recording, and he can use the two-way audio to remind or warn the staff and security personnel who are directly on the scene. Finally, the recording will be backup for any further need, and the NUUO watermark can ensure the video can never be modified or hampered with.



  • Organization: Fugian Entrance Exam
  • Location: China
  • Industry: Government
  • Solution: NUUO Mainconsole

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