NUUO helps to monitor water quality in Cajeme, Mexico

Taking care of the city’s water supply

The Organization of Water Operators of Cajeme services all of Cajeme City. It not only provides 398,800 residents their daily water consumption and commercial water use, but also conducts water sewage and purification projects. It has 26 billing offices in the whole city together with ATM machines to process customer’s billing and service needs, and also has an administrative office to handle daily administrative matters. All the cameras and NUUO software are connected by wireless system, and NUUO software manages all of the VIVOTEK wireless IP cameras.

The user-friendly interface facilitates operation and increases efficiency

There are a total of 26 IP cameras installed in each billing office to manage the crowds and improve service, 8 IP cameras installed to monitor ATM machines, 4 IP cameras to monitor 4 wells with water purification and sewage equipments and 7 cameras to monitor administrative offices and the time clock. The security managers use NUUO Remote Live Viewer to monitor the system. Remote live viewing is important in this system because it enables different departments to monitor different places. For example, the executives of customer service can access to view the video related to the billing office and ATM machines, and the executives of water sewage and purification can monitor the operational situations at any place, any time. NUUO thoughtful recording schedule is also beneficial to The Organization of Water Operators. Beside the customary setup, security guards can set the recording schedule for different modes such as office status (only record during office hours), all day status or only record on motion to save storage cost. Together with the support of GUI intuitive interface, the security guards can easily control the schedule by simple mouse click and drag.

Fulfilling multiple demands by the stable and easy-to-use software

For billing offices and ATM machines, the surveillance system ensures the safety of the customers and their property. Preventing the ATM machine from being destroyed or robbed is also important to provide better service and reduce the organization’s cost. For water sewage and purifying manufacture, the surveillance system not only protects the purifying plants and sewage equipment, but also monitors the control process including chlorination control and water starting line pressure control, so that the organization can earn customer’s trust by the stable, clean and safe water it provides. For the administrative offices, the cameras record the working situation of employees and increase their work efficiency. NUUO provides stable performance and conducts a total solution from water purification and sewage system monitoring, employees’ efficiency improvement to the most important target-- customer service improvement. The user-friendly and intuitive Remote Live View and recording interface also lowers the barrier to take advantage of the software. “Different employees from different departments can have access to any and all remote live views, and each person can watch the camera they want.”, states the well pleased manager of the organization.



  • Organization: OOMAPASC
  • Location: Mexico
  • Industry: Government
  • Solution: NUUO Mainconsole

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