Gran Casino de Talca Strengthens its IP Surveillance Solution with NUUO Central Management System

Keeping an eye on the multifaceted aspects of a casino

To provide protection for the integrity of both clients and employees, Gran Casino deploys the NUUO surveillance system in all sectors of the complex, such as the Gaming Space, Cash registers, parking lot, hotel, etc. Video Surveillance is the backbone to security and control of this complex. NUUO NVR surveillance system with NUUO Central Management System (CMS) has protected all the facilities of Gran Casino, which include the 400 slot machines, 60 bingo seating area, 15 gaming tables, bars, restaurants, hotels, 48 rooms, and 312 personnel.

To comply with government standards and provide accurate and stable surveillance security

Meeting the full requirements of Gran Casino, the NUUO CMS, with advanced alarm management and unlimited matrix, provides them a stable surveillance security that fulfills government standards. Security guards in the central control room utilize NUUO Live Matrix System to monitor huge crowds of people and massive cash exchanges. The powerful alarm management with state-of-the-art GUI E-map improves efficiency and reduces response time to any incident or unusual event. To operate the 175 IP cameras, NUUO intelligent NVR (IP+) solution offers Gran Casino the ability to scrutinize cash areas and other vulnerable areas of the casino. Operators can use the mouse to control the PTZ cameras, and monitor the behavior of employees and customers by the flexible screen division. Gran Casino records video in 30fps VGA resolution and keeps the recordings for 15 days. In addition, with NUUO 6 video analytics, general motion recording in less critical areas helps to reduce waste of vital recording storage.

The surveillance system operates in order to both protect guest safety and the casino's cash operating system

NUUO surveillance software offers audio application for the money counting room, general motion recording in less critical areas, and provides backup for physical security. All of these measures improve the security of Gran Casino while reducing cost and personnel demand. Furthermore, recording data in high quality can be extracted on demand from NUUO recording servers for the gaming commission, so to any avoid legal implication. Flexibility and user-friendly interface of NUUO software provides Gran Casino the best NVR surveillance system today, and their expansion will have the same performance tomorrow. ” NUUO can be used for professional applications and constant recording over a huge number of operations. NUUO works with high caliber projects……” said by Alejandro Herrera.



  • Organization: Gran Casino de Talca
  • Location: Chile
  • Industry: Hospitality
  • Solution: NUUO Mainconsole

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