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Terrorism attacks, organized crime, and other acts of violence are eventualities that every city worldwide must prepare for. NUUO’s Intelligent Surveillance Solutions are being deployed to assist governments provide public safety along with improving the image of their cities, thereby facilitating the economic and cultural development of their countries as a whole. This presents numerous challenges in the government vertical market. How NUUO Surveillance system can help you? Let's explore together. 


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Advanced Solutions to Enhance Public Safety and Credibility and Create a Better City Image
To ensure a higher level of public safety and credibility, NUUO’s solutions integrate I/O devices, 3rd Party Integration features and provide full SDK support. All the features guarantee high fluidity of emergency operations. Indeed the LPR, the access control or the Video Analytics features can assist police officers deliver robust protection of the citizenry and government officials. Via the SDK support, customized tools can be provided such as an adapted E-maps system.

Proactive Intervention with Solid Investigation Tools for Prosecuting Malefactors
NUUO offers efficient detection, notification and localization of incidents with high quality images. While viewing NUUO NVRmini 2 and NUUO Titan NVR, events can be detected, for example, via the Edge motion of the camera and alerts can be issued via e-mail, output or on-screen display. These functions are also integrated into NUUO CMS and Mainconsole, and combined with others such as the two-way audio or the PTZ preset point. The E-map function is crucial since it allows emergency responders to instantly localize the scene and act accordingly. Plus, the live view can be directly accessed by clicking on the appropriate icon overlaid on the E-maps generated by NUUO’s solutions. Another highlight feature is the mobile client access over NUUO iViewer application that allows accurate and real-time monitoring. These solutions also include an instant playback and smart search functions, and legal proof can be provided via the export of snapshots or recorded videos.

Centralized Management: Strong Information Consolidation and Decision-making
Information consolidation featuring decision-making between each actor is crucial when there is a need to manage multiple sites such as citywide fire and rescue stations. To respond to this, NUUO CMS delivers central management of all NUUO Mainconsole Family recording servers. Thus the centralized real-time alarm management and the unlimited E-map layers include the overlaid icons of devices, enhancing the efficiency of operations, as well as the alarm management guide and the reporting tool, are available. As to viewing, NUUO CMS provides a Matrix Wall with a display enabling an unlimited number of views and several modes including a dedicated alarm monitor. Centralized views and event management are also provided by NUUO Titan NVR via NUUO Command Chain Technology. Moreover, NUUO’s solutions integrate user management which means various privileges can be assigned to different users and the Window Active Directory is also supported on NUUO CMS and Mainconsole.

High System Stability: Linux Embedded, Data Safety and Storage Optimization
Having multiple site surveillance citywide within a LAN or WAN environment calls, on the one hand, for data safety and, on the other hand, for storage optimization. As to data safety, NUUO NVRmini 2 and Titan NVR are both Linux Embedded and support several types of RAID. Plus, the redundant power requirements for the NT-8040RP model are also supported by Titan NVR. As to NUUO Mainconsole, the Failover feature provides a failsafe thanks to a backup server which can take over the server in use if it goes down. As for storage, optimization is possible in all NUUO’s solutions via the wide range of stream profiles and recording mode selections.

Large Capacity for Adjustment and Further Expansion
Most government installations call for easy expansion without proprietary restrictions. One of NUUO’s principles is dedication to open-platform solutions by offering Hybrid and Tri-Brid recording solutions and supporting a high number of channels per server over an easy licensing mechanism. Other core principles include designing products that are simple to install, maintain, and do not require special training. In brief, NUUO aims to provide user-friendly and intuitive solutions underpinned by high system stability. On reviewing these added benefits, the most significant is surely the improvement of monitoring performance and organizational efficiency.

Choose Your Business Scope (More information: refer to the Solution Brochure and Guide) 
Control Room Solutions with SDK and Video Analytics Support High Megapixel Monitoring with MAC Support
Linux Embedded Solution with Key Features 3rd Party Integration Feature Open Space Management - Linux Embedded Solution
• Single or multiple sites management • Single or multiple sites management • Single or multiple sites management
• Instant detection of events and alerts • Video Analytics, LPR, etc.: urban management enhancement … • High system reliability & Centralized management
• Mobile client access with Push Notification • Mobile client access & Instant Playback • Windows & Mac compatibility
• Centralized alarms and views management • Centralized alarms and views management • NUUO Image Fusion Technology - High situational awareness
• e.g. Public Housings, Traffic Intersections, etc. • e.g. Fire and Rescue Stations, Court of Justice, Road traffic, etc. • e.g. Buildings, Demonstrations, Elections, etc.

Linux Embedded Solution with Key Features
Your Challenges Functions You Need NUUO Solutions

NUUO  Recording Solution

NUUO Control Room Solution NUUO  Remote Client
• To get proactive alerts  • I/O devices: fire alarm, glass-break detector, etc.  NVRmini 2  
• Remote  Live Viewer
• iViewer
• To increase public safety & credibility • SDK support: Live view, Playback, 3rd Party Integration, etc.
• To obtain a robust situational awareness & analysis • Automatic notifications
• Camera duplication
• Playback with Smart Search
• Snapshots and videos export 
• High system performance 
• Dual stream support 
• RAID & UPS support 
• Open-platform solution  • Easy licenses management
• Multi-brands support  
• Central administration of the Citywide - Multiple sites and servers 
• Information consolidation and decision-making: unlimited E-map layers … 
NVRmini 2
• Investigation tools: snapshots, reporting tools …
• Central views management: dedicated alarm monitor ...

3rd Party Integration Feature 
Your Challenges Functions You Need NUUO Solutions
NUUO Recording Solution NUUO Control Room Solution NUUO Remote Client
• To get proactive alerts  • I/O devices: fire alarm, glass-break detector, etc.  Mainconsole  
•Remote Live Viewer
• iViewer
• To increase public safety & credibility • SDK support: Live view, Playback, 3rd Party Integration, etc.
• Immediately detect suspicious people, cars  • LPR Integration 
• To protect exclusive areas, entrances and exits  • Access Control Integration
• To facilate security operations 
• Video Analytics: Stopping, Tripwire, etc. 
• Real-time monitoring with proactive events detection • 10 instant responses
• Instant Playback 
• Effective investigation tools  • Playback with Smart Search 
• Snapshots & export videos 
• NUUO Verification Tool
• High-level of system reliability  • Failover & Backup system  
• Boosting Record Mode  
• Transcode support
• Open-platform solution  • Easy licenses management
• Multi-brands support  
• Central administration of the Citywide - Multiple sites and servers 
• Information consolidation and decision-making: users permissions levels ... 
Mainconsole CMS 
• Investigation tools: instant  
playback …
​• Central views management: unlimited View tour, Camera tour … 

Open Space Management - Linux Embedded Solution
Your Challenges Functions You Need NUUO Solutions
NUUO Control Room Solution NUUO Remote Client
• To ensure public safety and credibility  • I/O devices: fire alarm, panic button, etc. Titan NVR
• iViewer
• Record on event & 3 Instant alarms
• Intuitive E-map with overlaid icons
• To provide efficient and rapid investigation • Instant Playback 
• Playback with search function
• Snapshot and export video 
• High System Reliability  • Linux Embedded
• RAID & iSCSI support 
• Redundant Power Support (NT- 8040RP) 
• High Megapixel large view coverage area  • Up to 2-Megapixel recording x 64CH per recorder (250 Mbps throughput)
• NUUO Image Fusion Technology
• Panomorph Camera (360°) support
• Effortless Expansion   • Easy licenses management 
• Multi-brands support  
• SDK support 
• Fast Intervention - Efficient View Management • Users permissions levels 
• View Group and View Tour
• Camera duplication
• Centralized management for multiple sites and servers
Consolidation of Real-time Data and Solid Decision-making - NUUO Command Chain Technology 
• Synchronization of user name and password 
• Up to 100 Titan NVR Servers  
• Cross – recorder events management: cameras, I/O panel …
• Cross – recorder E-map management

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