IP Security Solutions for Industrial
Industrial installations certainly represent a major security, safety and operational challenge, with their specialist processes, commercially sensitive information, valuable materials, plant and equipment. To enhance protection, and provide a bigger picture view of these critical facilities, NUUO's Intelligent Surveillance Solutions are being deployed across a wide array of industrial sectors, whether it be automotive, manufacturing, utilities etc. How NUUO Surveillance system can help you? Let's explore together.

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Working for a Safe and Secure Environment 
NUUO's feature-rich NVR/DVR solutions are ideally suited to the rigors of industrial applications. The events detections features can justify this statement, like the video analytics support (IVS). NUUO Mainconsole offers the video analytics support and it is ranging from enter and exit to tamper detection and other. These features can be combined with 10 instant responses, such as email, SMS and a pop-up E-map.

Seamless Industrial Integration
An important consideration for industrial sites: the access control systems that NUUO's solutions integrate. Should someone tries to enter with the wrong ID card an entrance can be closed and security guard alerted. When considering larger scale applications, NUUO CMS is equipped to bring together multiple NVR/DVR servers and centralized alarm management. 

From Central Monitoring to Efficient Management
Industrial facilities contain a vast array of cameras and NVR/DVR servers so it is imperative that security guards can call-up the right camera views at anytime and anywhere. NUUO's Remote Live Viewer supports remote viewing of live video. A step-up is NUUO CMS adding central alarm handling and central matrix video wall display. Beyond this, NUUO Titan NVR supports the management of multiple Titan servers and the "Image Fusion Technology" feature, where multiple camera views can be stitched together to form a consecutive view. 

Moreover, users can identify and act on what is happening instantly thanks to the features like the video analytics and the instant alerts. And the Smart Search function simplifies the process of security guards to find a specific video. 

A Vision for Business Expansion
NUUO's solutions are readily scalable to cope with rapidly changing industrial sites. When there is a need to support new cameras all that is required is the purchase of additional IP licenses or DVR cards. 

Data Safety and Efficient Storage
Where data is being stored for evidential purposes at industrial facilities, NUUO's solutions are well equipped to do this securely and to demonstrate the integrity of what is being held. In terms of storage, NUUO Mainconsole can back-up to iSCSI, and Titan NVR (NT-8040RP) has a redundant power system to cope during a power outage. The digital watermark feature when video is recorded plus a verification tool to check if the exported video is the original data, are obtainable. And the selectable recording mode (e.g. "boosting recording" mode) helps to save storage space.

Choose Your Business Scope
Scalable Solution with Instant Events Management - Access Control Integration Support Wide Area Monitoring
Tri-Brid Solution for Each Site Enterprise Control Room Solution Enterprise Linux Recording Solution
• Small projects - Up to 128CH • Big projects - Around 500CH • Digital PTZ & Panomorph Camera (360°) support
• 3rd Party Integration: access control, LPR • Multiple servers management • Redundant Power support
• Instant alerts • Instant alerts & responses • Intel 10Gb Ethernet Backbone
• Digital PTZ & Panomorph Camera (360°) support • Data safety • Local & remote monitoring
• Local & remote monitoring • Local & remote monitoring  

Tri-Brid Solution for Each Site
Your Challenges Functions You Need NUUO Solutions

NUUO  Recording Solution

NUUO Control Room Solution NUUO  Remote Client
• To monitor entrances, exits, parking lots • Access control to control personnel access
• LPR to detect blacklisted licence plate
• I/O devices: fire alarm, panic button etc.
Mainconsole   • Remote Live Viewer  
• iViewer
• To manage security & productivity • Video analytics support: enter exit, tamper detection, stopping Mobile client
• To get real-time actions • 10 instant responses
• Instant playback
• Smart Search
• NUUO Verification Tool: use the data as evidence
• Full view coverage
• Digital PTZ
• Duplicate camera
• Full SDK support • Megapixel Recording Powerhouse • Intel 10Gb Ethernet Backbone
• To monitor high ceiling & big premise • Panomorph Camera (360°) support
• To save storage space • Boosting Recording Mode
• To protect data • Failover Agent  & backup system
• To manage multiple sites and servers • Centralized alarms management
• Centralized Matrix Wall management
• Centralized E-map management

Enterprise Control Room Solution 
Your Challenges Functions You Need NUUO Solutions
NUUO Control Room Solution NUUO Recording Solution NUUO Remote Client
• To get real-time alerts from all servers and all sites Centralized Alarms Management (specific to each NUUO recorders) 
• Cameras, I/O, access control & LPR devices
•Centralized alarm database & event search
• Microsoft Active Directory -
• Emergency recording to Central Room
CMS Mainconsole • Remote Live Viewer
• iViewer
• To manage users
• To protect data
• To manage instant view of all sites and servers Centralized Matrix Wall Management (specific to each NUUO recorders) 
• Display unlimited Matrix Wall 
• View management: dedicate each monitor to one type of view (e.g. alarm tour …) 
• Joystick & keyboard support
• To position immediate events from all sites Centralized E-map management (specific to each NUUO recorders) 
• Display unlimited layers 
• Interactive graphical representation of all devices (cameras, access control …) 
• Instant alarm pop-up on window for Live view & Playback

Enterprise Linux Recording Solution 
Your Challenges Functions You Need NUUO Solutions
NUUO Control Room Solution NUUO Remote Client
• To enhance security & productivity • I/O devices: detect intrusion, fire alarm etc.
• Edge motion: record on event & alert on-screen display
• Alerts via email etc.
• Live view window pop-up upon events
Titan NVR • NuClient
• iViewer
• To cover full view • Image Fusion Technology - combine up to 10 cameras together to form a single view (e.g. electrical substation monitoring)
• To monitor high ceiling and big premise • Up to 10-Megapixel camera
• Panomorph Camera (360°) support
• Efficient monitoring system • Megapixel Recording Powerhouse 
• Intel 10Gb Ethernet Backbone
• Full SDK support
• To protect data • Redundant Power support (NT-8040RP)
• To manage multiple servers Main & Sub servers structure: chain up to 100 Titan NVR together 
• Centralized E-map management 
• Centralized events management
• Centralized I/O control panel
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