VZIII is the retail analytics system that empowers you to track shopper behaviors just like e-commerce. Leverage the video collected from your in-store IP cameras, and provide valuable business insights on staffing, store performance, product popularity and customer engagement.

Its step-by-step coaching and intuitive interface guides you to create visualized reports of your own in a snap, helping you make data-driven decisions and optimize sales.


How it Works VZIII

Installation Requirements

Requirements needed for VZIII installation can be done by using an existing CCTV system with ONVIF protocol standard. With this the user can continue to use the installed CCTV system, while increasing the functionality of your CCTV system.

With VZIII, CCTV Systems are not only for surveillance of an area, but also as a provider of information for Business Analysis.

Segmentation of VZIII Implementation
  • Retail
  • Shopping Mall
  • Supermarket
  • Coffee Shop
  • Retail Banking
  • Hospitality
Key Features
  • Flow statistics: Record the number of guests per hour in detail, and find out the peak and off-peak hours. In the peak period to fill the field staff, improve the consumer experience and turnover rate; reduce staff in the peak period to reduce personnel costs.

  • Window conversion rate: At the same time, using the camera outside the door and the door, the store rate is calculated to evaluate the attractiveness of the window.

  • Number of guest stays and average stay time: Detect in various areas of the store to find out the relevance of the product to people's stop. It is also possible to immediately send a message to the clerk to assist when people stay in a specific area, for example, in front of a high unit price product window.

  • Instant response number of people in the store: The system automatically judges the entry and exit of the crowd in the image, settles the total number of people in the store and suggests the number of employees.

  • Hot zone analysis: The image analysis of the landscape view expresses the activity of the point in the picture by the heat. The hotter block is the so-called gold counter and hot goods.

  • Dynamic line analysis: Insight into how people flow in the store. Is the guest turning left or right after entering the door? What is the proportionof each direction?

  • Automatic weather, national holidays, anniversary marks: One-click comparison of the impact of various external environmental factors on business.

  • Customer analysis: Through face recognition, statistics on the gender and age ratio of visitors, and the introduction of goods that meet the consumer group.

  • Black and white list: After the photo is filed, when the VIP client or the theft suspect is once again, the system will automatically notify the relevant personnel immediately.

  • Instant remote viewing and playback: From top to bottom in the enterprise, whether it is the group CEO, marketing department staff, to the branch store manager, you can immediately view the live video in the store by logging in. Whether the product layout is correct, whether the sales environment is clean and tidy, and whether the employees are lazy, all eyes are on the scene.

  • Combine POS information: evaluate the overall performance of each branch by indicators such as checkout conversion rate and average visitor consumption.

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