NUUO Facial recognition solution connects surveillance videos with NUUO Nuface software. NuFace is a windows-based application aiming to provide advance face recognition analysis service to users with simplicity configuration and accurate result. The face recognition information can be displayed on live view or playback and be used to trigger user-defined alarms. For example, NUUO Mainconsole sends an alarm to alert the manager when a person in the black list has entered the perimeter. The system will store all the face information and special events in a secured, keyword-searchable database with video attached for easy review.

Key features of using NUUO Nuface solution• Fully compatible and scalable with NUUO Mainconsole family (NVR, DVR and Hybrid systems)  
  and NUUO Crystal Titan for single site or chained operation.
• Display face recognition result from multiple locations. 
• Record face recognition result with surveillance video. 
• Support face recognition with black / white list.

• Support Attention Time Calculation.
• Support Gender Estimation. 
• Support Age Estimation.
• Support Viewer Distance.
• Support Attention Time Calculation.
• Support Face Scramble.
• Support Customize Detection Setting for precise data colloecting.
• Support 2 device source : Web cam and IP cam .
• Connect to IP camera through RTSP or HTTP .
• Up to 16 channels per server .
• Windows base solution .
• Recommanded Codec format for MPEG .
Supported Systems:
Mainconsole v.6.1 or above
Crystal v3.1 or above
1. Mainconsole and Crystal do not share the same 3rd party integration plug-in.
2. NVRmini, NVR Solo and Titan NVR do NOT support 3rd party integration plug-in.
3. Follow the installation guide
4. Crystal has build-in the filter, no need to import another filter.  

  Mainconsole Crystal
Nuface plugin
Nuface software

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