NUUO LPR solution connects surveillance videos with 3rd party license plate recognition solutions (LPR) . The license plate information can be displayed on live view or playback and be used to trigger user-defined alarms. For example, NUUO Mainconsole sends an alarm to alert the manager when a vehicle with an unauthorized license plate has entered the perimeter. The system will store all the license plates and special events in a secured, keyword-searchable database with video attached for easy review.

Key features of using NUUO LPR solution • Fully compatible and scalable with NUUO Crystal for single site or chained operation.
• Display license plate data from multiple locations. 
• Record license plate data with surveillance video  
• 10 user-defined LPR alarms allowing customization such as forbidden license plate, and plate  lost...etc. 
• Up to 10 instant responses for each LPR event.
• Keyword search to filter out suspicious license plate across multiple license plate recognition  database.
VIT (1) Crytal LPR Plugin
      - Download the Crystal LPR Plugin Here

(2) VIT Autocode (NUUO) LPR Product Flyer Here

(3) Quick Installation Guide
      Installation Guide with NUUO Crystal Here

      - Download the Trial Software Here
      - See the Latest Supported Country List Here
      - CPU Consumption Calculator Here
      - Camera Selection Recommendations Here
      - How to Make Recognition Work Here
      - VIT LPR Tag Filter Here
Hikvision ANPR Camera Related image (1) Crytal LPR Plugin
      Download the Crystal LPR Plugin Here

(2) User Guide
      User Guide with NUUO Crystal Here

(3) Hikvision ANPR Camera
     - LPR Support Guide Here
     - ANPR Camera Installation Guide Here
     - ANPR Quick Guide via Web Here
     - Hikvision ANPR Camera Tag Filter Here
Neural Labs (1) Crytal LPR Plugin
      Download the Crystal LPR Plugin Here

(2) User Guide
      User Guide with NUUO Crystal Here

3) Neural Labs LPR
     - VPAR Product Brochure Here
     - Cameras Installation Guide Here
     - VPAR Server User Manual Here
     - Neural Viewer Installation Guide Here
     - Neural Labs Tag Filter Here
     - Neural Labs Supported countries Here

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