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By working with our technology Partners, NUUO is dedicated to provide the best user experience to our customers. NUUO has developed its stable and easy-using products with different advanced technology partners resulting in access to greater market opportunities. 

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In order to achieve excellent recording performances which can answer the challenges of the current and future mega-pixel world , NUUO has developed its new File Ring technology, based on Intel CPU which allows a recording throughput of up to 250Mbps in one single hard disk. In addition, using Intel CPU's powerful decoding capacity, multi-channel mega-pixel display becomes easily achievable on NUUO's liveview/playback applications. Intel and NUUO cooperate also on NUUO's Mainconsole and CMS solutions, as well as on the Titan NVR series. 
As IP surveillance systems gain popularity, end users are discovering the benefits of high definition video, gigabits per second bandwidth and petabytes of storage capacity. In order to deliver a total solution for large scale project, Intel and NUUO worked together to create a 1,000 channel Full HD architecture, based on Titan NVR solution, intended for enterprise users. This structure has been tested and proven to be reliable and capable of meeting and surpassing the performance, bandwidth, scalability and system stability challenges.
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From CCTV to IP cameras, from PC-based to Linux-embedded servers, from private to public areas, NUUO's full product line, Crystal Family and Mainconsole Family, provides comprehensive total solutions to customers. Because video surveillance plays an important role in security industry, NUUO has been devoting itself to provide the best video management software (VMS). With certification as ImmerVision Enables®, the most flexible and advanced 360-degree viewing standard on the market, the best video management solution becomes possible.

Both NUUO's Crystal Family and Mainconsole Family not only offer support for ImmerVision Enables® 360° panomorph lenses, so you can mount a panomorph lens on select cameras to get full 360x180 degree hemispherical coverage without any image cropping or blind spots, but also for a growing number of 360° panomorph mini domes certified ImmerVision Enables® from various camera manufacturers.

You can also enjoy NUUO's Smart Guard, and other sophisticated functions such as centralized E-map, alarm management, access control, etc. Choosing NUUO with ImmerVision Enables® lets you experience an easy and value-added video management software with advanced functionality and immersive panomorph views.

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