Jun 10 2021
NUUO Crystal™ v3.17.0
Release Version v3.17.0 

Type Item Version
VM Image Compatible with vSphere 5.5 and above 03.17.0000.0032
FW All in One Firmware 03.17.0000.0032
Device Pack 21.02.0000.0007
Application Crystal NuClient - Windows (64bit)
Crystal NuClient - Mac
  1. Advanced disk management features:
  • When the disk risk prediction exceeds the warning value, an alert will be issued via NuClient and an email notification will be sent to the user.
  • Friendly graphical disk slot information interface.
  • The RAID hot spare function is realized, giving users more option. (Volume must be rebuilt)
  • Unplug the HDD event be able to trigger digital output and email notification.
  1. Optimize the NuClient operation interface:
  • A simpler and efficient video export interface.
  • Consolidating the export files to one multi-channel video for easy tracking.
  1. Web server support certificate authority of comodo. (Only support comodosslstore.com)
  2. Nuclient supports configuring the Solo and Mini series via the embedded web page.
  3. NuClient added permission to control iViewer snapshots.
  4. The management server has both NTP Server and client functions, which can synchronize time with the externel NTP server, and also share time let local site recording server and camera sync device time.
  5. The default gateway is automatically selected when LAN1 and LAN2 same of local LAN.
  6. IVS motion event provide users with email notifications to preview the snapshot.
  7. For security reasons, some of the hidden software version information.
  8. For security reasons, prohibit some local user of host login.
Issue Solved:
  1. Install wizard multi upgrade bug fix.
  2. Fix bug of Connection test page response fail.
  3. The two way audio port number foolproof.
  4. Disk S.M.A.R.T data query fail.
  5. Fix the problem that Nuclient always show Name: on the title bar of the viewer
  6. Fix the problem that a quick click on the hardware settings will cause a crash.
  7. Installation wizard batch upgrade bug fixes.


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