May 24 2021
NUUO Mainconsole v8.6.0.302
Release Version v8.6.0
  • [Playback] Support exporting AVI(MPEG4)
Bug fixed
  • [Mainconsole] Fix timestamp of recorded video file if timestamp from ip camera is incorrect.
  • [Mainconsole] Fix timestamp when entering Summer Time (for example, at AM2:00 on last Sunday of March in European timezone).
  • [Mainconsole] The snaphot attachment in E-Mail may be empty when running SmartGuard.
  • [Mainconsole] Name of metadata source may lost when editing metadata source.
  • [Mainconsole] When executing Auto-backup, FTP operation is failed if the target NAS is Linux-Based.
  • [Mainconsole] IVS setting change may not be properly applied.
  • [Mainconsole] Primary View Setting may disappear when selecting “Fix Aspect Ratio”.
  • [Mainconsole] Audio may lost when using Audio Redirection in Mainconsole Hybrid version with 7000 series capture cards.
  • [Mainconsole] Record-on-motion may fail when Mainconsole starts up.
  • [Playback] In Date Time Search Dialog, when selecting some channels, the Video Preview may show another wrong channel.
  • [Playback] When start playing video, an error message may popup: “The connection is terminated or timeout”.
  • [Playback] OSD is missing when using “Search Mode”.
  • [Playback] Camera name is missing when using “Select Folder” in Date Time Search Dialog.
  • [Remote Live Viewer] When enable checkbox “Auto Re-connect Cameras” and press OK, this setting is not applied.
  • [Remote Live Viewer] Manually cancelling an event may not work properly.

Supported Device Pack
Device Pack v21.2

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