Apr 8 2021
NUUO Crystal™ v3.16.0
Release Version v3.16.0 (2021/04/06)

Type Item Version
VM Image Compatible with vSphere 5.5 and above 03.16.0000.0088
FW All in One Firmware 03.16.0000.0088
Device Pack 20.09.0000.0030
Application Crystal NuClient - Windows (64bit)
Crystal NuClient - Mac
* If the Firmware had been upgrade to version 3.16, please be sure to also upgrade the Application to version 3.16 to avoid system errors.

  1. NuClient two-way audio support:
  • Windows OS microphone input format (2 channel stereo/16bit/44100Hz)
  • Mac OS microphone input format (2 channel stereo/16bit/32000.0Hz)
  1. Add a time-lapse delayed export application.
  2. The management server can periodically update time from the NTP server.
  3. PHP version upgrade to 7.4.16 and security enhancement.
  4. The second stream can be exported from Nuclient.
  5. NuClient supports two-factor from email when logging in, which can be configured from the hardware settings page.
  6. NuClient device tree can be customized with different colors for better management:
  • Windows OS (Ctrl key + Right mouse button)
  • Mac OS (Command key + Right mouse button)
  • Ctrl + mouse left button to select multiple
  • Reset button in the Client Configuration.
  1. NuClient view tour increased to 64.
  2. NuClient display camera information of font, color and size can be adjusted.
  3. Add Herta filter for third party plugin.
  4. Https support Comodo certificate authority.
  5. IVS event action supports attaching a snapshot to the email.
  6. Add user privilege setting of snapshot for iViewer use.
  7. System daily report support full ports.
Issue Solved:
  1. The value of the risk of disk damage is abnormal.
  2. NuClient use domain name connect issue.
  3. Fix bug of metadata database recycle issue.
  4. Fix bug of I/O device configuration random disable issue.
  5. Fix bug of recording server random enable fail.
  6. Fix bug of metadata port setting issue.
  7. Fix bug of hardware RAID tool write log make root filesystem full.

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