Sep 30 2020
NVR Device Pack version v20.9
Release Version v20.9 (2020/9/30)
Device Pack                  v 20.9
Supported Systems:
Mainconsole v 4.1.12 and above* / v.6.11.0 above**
NVRmini 2 v 2.1.0 and above***
NVRsolo v 1.1.1 and above***
Titan NVR v 1.6.2 and above****
NUUO Crystal™ v 2.0.3 and above
*For Mainconsole multi stream and setting function, please upgrade to Mainconsole v5.0.0 and above first.
* For Mainconsole H.265, please upgrade to Mainconsole v6.0 and above first.
**For DP5.9 upgrade, please upgrade to Mainconsole v.6.11.0 and above first.
***For NVRmini 2 and NVRsolo multi stream setting function, please upgrade to NVRmini 2/NVRsolo v2.0.0 and above first.
**** Since the DP 20.9 will not support Titan NVR.
If camera is added or upgraded firmware after v4.0, it will support multistream setting.
New Brand Supported:
New Camera Supported:
ViZOiD*                  VZ-N115-123001, VZ-N116-133001-FE130, VZ-N116-133001-FE180
Champ                    DM5115V3
Forenix                  NPE-2065BM-M, NPE-2065BM-10X, NPE-2065BM-30X, NPA-2065BM-M,
                          NPA-2065BM-10X, NPA-2065CD-M, NPB-4065F28
FW upgrade:
Forenix                  NPB-4065BM-M, NPX-4065DN, NPD-4065CD, NPB-4065BM, NPV-4065CD,
                          NPV-4065CD-M, NPB-4065BL-M
Bug Fixed:
  1. [Samsung] Fixed PNV-9080R profile issue.
  2. [Language] Fixed Russian translation issue.
[NVRMini2/NVRsolo/NUUO Crystal™]
  1. [Forenix] Fixed NSPDII-2065-20X stream change RTSP port issue.
  2. [Samsung] Fixed PNV-9080R profile issue.
  3. [Hikvision] Fixed Zoom can’t stop on all PTZ camera issue.
* Support Mainconsole and NUUO Crystal™ only.


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