Mar 1 2019
NVR Device Pack version v19.3
Release Version v19.3 (2019/3/1)
Device Pack                  v 19.3
Supported Systems:
Mainconsole v 4.1.12 and above* / v.6.11.0 above**
NVRmini 2 v 2.1.0 and above***
NVRsolo v 1.1.1 and above***
Titan NVR v 1.6.2 and above
NUUO Crystal™ v 2.0.3 and above
*For Mainconsole multi stream and setting function, please upgrade to Mainconsole v5.0.0 and above first.
* For Mainconsole H.265, please upgrade to Mainconsole v6.0 and above first.
**For DP5.9 upgrade, please upgrade to Mainconsole v.6.11.0 and above first.
***For NVRmini 2 and NVRsolo multi stream setting function, please upgrade to NVRmini 2/NVRsolo v2.0.0 and above first.
If camera is added or upgraded firmware after v4.0, it will support multistream setting.
New Camera Supported:
AIB-262S, AIB-462S, CC136, CC236, ID212F, ID-212S, ID-228F, ID-236F, ID-412, ID-510, OB-212, OB-212S, OB-450-Z10, OB-510, OB-510-Z3, OPD-4K108S, VD-212S, VD-412, VD-412-Z4, VD-412-Z4i, VD-510, VD-510-Z3,

IPC2251-HNB-SIR80-Z6048, IPC2233-FN-PIR40, IPC2233-FN-SIR40, IPC2211-FN-PIR, IPC2211-FN-SIR, IPC2453-FNB-PIR40, IPC2253-HNB-PIR30

KP-2B282, KP-2B282S, KP-2KB81S, KP-2KD282B, KP-2KD282BS, KP-2KD282S, KP-2KDF28B, KP-2KDF36B, KP-4B282, KP-4B550-10X, KP-4KB81, KP-4KD108, KP-4KD282, KP-4KD282-4.2X, KP-4KD282B, KP-4KD282P-4.2X, KP-5B315, KP-5B315-3.5X, KP-5KD315, KP-5KD315-3.5X, KP-5KD315B, KP-CUB136, KP-CUB236

IPB-2265U-M, IPV-2365UF-E, IPB-2265UF-E

Bug Fixed:
1.       [Sunell] Fixed motion detect cannot be triggered issue.
2.       [Vivotek] Fixed fail to connect IB8379H.
[NVRMini2/NVRsolo/Titan NVR/NUUO Crystal™]
1.       [Fine] Fixed fail to connect multi-streams.
2.       [D-Link] Fixed DNR-322L Live view & Playback Audio Issue .
3.       [Sunell] Fixed IVS Single Virtual Fence event triggered multiple times. replique rolex orologi replica di lusso

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