Oct 28 2015
Successful Joint Event of NUUO and Bosch in Colombia
October 28, 2015 - The rapid development of IP technologies has led to growing uneasiness among system integrators in the IP surveillance industry. Successful integration of security systems requires system integrators to possess profound technical knowledge; therefore, they must be educated and trained to be more comfortable with network systems. Recognizing the need, NUUO and Bosch have jointly conducted a training in Colombia in early October, attracting over 30 system integrators eager to know how to make the best of IP surveillance technology in the retail sector.

System integrators are constantly challenged by ensuring compatibility between products from different brands. As NUUO supports over 2000 camera models from more than 106 brands, system integrators can be free from this concern. Another challenge faced by system integrators is achieving maximum performance from the IP surveillance system consisting of multiple vendors' products. To show the perfect collaboration between NUUO's network video recorders and Bosch's solutions, these two companies presented a demo based on NUUO's NVRsolo network video recorder and Bosch's 2000 and 4000-series IP cameras. The combination of these cost-effective products is ideal for SMB owners who have a limited budget to hire security staff to maintain safety on premises or IT personnel to manage surveillance systems.

With one click, the lightweight, stand-alone NVRsolo system will automatically search up to 80 brands of IP cameras and add them to the system. The ezNUUO function facilitates the process of establishing Internet access to the NVRsolo system, eliminating the need to set up routers for remote access and mobile viewing. By simplifying installation and configuration, NVRsolo can offer more time and cost saving advantages.

Video footages from up to eight 4000- or 2000-series cameras can be recorded at 30 frames per second in 720P (1280 x 720) resolution. These cameras are equipped with Content Based Imaging Technology (CBIT) which ensures that captured images are tailored to the content of the scene. Adding the NVRsolo’s H.264 compression format, the solution significantly reduces storage costs and network strain without compromising video quality. The compact form factor of these devices also provides optimum space efficiency in retail environments with limited room.

“NUUO’s solutions are easy to use with simple network cameras detection and configuration, ” said Andres Varela, Bosch’s Marketing Manager of Video Systems. "The integration of BOSCH’s generic models cameras makes the solution even more useful and effective as users can use various camera features directly on the platform.” Impressed by the fast video loading speed of NVRsolo, Bosch has expressed his desire to work with NUUO on other events next year.

“Bosch’s complete product portfolios provide our customers with multiple options when selecting IP cameras, ” said Diego, NUUO’s Sales Engineer. “The strategic partnership with a prestigious brand like Bosch is both important and valuable to us. Our partnership helps system integrators provide more trusted and effective solutions to their customers worldwide."


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