Jan 12 2015
NUUO Crystal™ Professional Delivers Higher Cost Efficiency with More Advanced Capabilities
January 12th , 2015 - NUUO today launched a new license level for its flagship Linux-based VMS solution - NUUO Crystal™. Designed for middle-scale deployment, the Professional license level provides customers with more enhanced features to achieve higher scalability and seamless integration at a more competitive price.
Third-party support has been a key competitiveness of NUUO Crystal™. Besides existing third-party partners, the Professional license level has integrated Lenel’s access control system, OnGuard. When an event is triggered, the surveillance video along with related information from OnGuard system will be displayed in NUUO’s VMS interface instantly. Users can match the images with the data in the same interface, dramatically cutting down investigation time.

To facilitate troubleshooting for customers located in difficult-to-access areas or closed network environments, the Help Manager is embedded whose diagnostics service will collect the system data of the faulty server for support teams’ further analysis, saving the hassle of traveling to the site, making troubleshooting more time- and cost-efficient. Installers and users can also access user manuals directly in the interface anytime they need, significantly shortening deployment and maintenance time.
The System Navigator service allows users to manage several management servers simultaneously in one interface thanks to its multi-site support. Users can log into different management servers and configure individual servers in the same interface. Images from different management servers can also be displayed in one live view/playback screen. The single access point to all servers eliminates the need to toggle between different interfaces.
The Professional license level also comes with additional value-added enhancements. Apart from manual fisheye dewarping calibration which allows users to fine tune fisheye pictures manually to ensure 100% accuracy, users can customize stream resolutions for storage and live viewing based on their needs or hardware conditions. Hence, users can view real-time streams smoothly on mobile devices while saving lower-resolution footage to save storage space. replica watches
PTZ speed support enables users to control the pan/tilt/zoom speed of a PTZ camera with a joystick, keyboard or mouse and advanced motion search supports up to 3 channels at the same time. 
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