Nov 27 2014
Texas Surveillance System Integrator Achieves 1st IP Install with Support from NUUO
Upgrading security systems is no small feat. So when a Texas-based surveillance system integrator began work with a nonprofit foundation on its 20,000-square-foot property, existing infrastructure and future system deployment were primary considerations. With the objective to update the nonprofit’s Virtual Management Software (VMS) while leveraging existing analog and IP cameras, the system integrator searched for a solution that would meet current needs and offer the ability to scale for future projects.
To build a customized system that would suit the nonprofit’s needs, the Texas security company engaged with NUUO, one of the largest NVR and VMS manufacturers known for their seamless integration of 3rd party cameras. With support from NUUO, the system integrator achieved camera compatibility, as well as scalability to fit future requirements for the nonprofit.
When it came to hardware, NUUO Titan NVR delivered the throughput necessary to accommodate large numbers of cameras, while enabling multi-monitor support through an upgraded VMS. As an added bonus, the VMS license came with no recurring fees, and NUUO offered local tech support post-installation whenever necessary.
Because NUUO Titan NVR is built on a Linux foundation, it also allows the nonprofit to easily access its system using NUUO NuClient software – whether through a computer, the Web or a mobile interface. With NUUO Titan NVR, the nonprofit receives a wide range of important features to guarantee an affordable and scalable security platform.
Compatible Technology
Compatible with over 100 camera vendors and 2,300 camera models, NUUO Titan NVR provides a VMS solution needed to cover the nonprofit’s 150+ cameras, while enabling future system upgrades as well.
Centralized Viewing and Management
With support for 400 simultaneous live view channels, NUUO Titan NVR enables comprehensive monitoring of the nonprofit’s 252 acres and allows it to synchronize user accounts and critical event information – no matter the number of servers supporting the system. NUUO Command Chain Technology also provides simplified management from one centralized interface.
High Throughput Recording
Equipped with the Seagate Terascale HDD, NUUO Titan NVR delivers improved recording capability and reliability. NUUO also takes system throughput a step further with its unique File Ring recording technology, which feeds stable, constant, sequential video feeds to the drive, enabling increased storage of high-megapixel recordings.
Seagate HDDS – An Ideal Fit for Scaling NVRs
Using NUUO Titan NVR and making scalability a priority, the system integrator developed the security infrastructure to meet the nonprofit’s requirements. There was just one decision left to be made. What type of device should be used to store the invaluable video footage?
The nonprofit’s camera upgrades and higher-resolution recordings meant that recorded footage came at a high value. Furthermore, the large amount of video footage recorded demanded a high-capacity solution. The nonprofit currently records 64TB of video footage every 30 days, and their requirements are expected to grow over 300% in the coming years. Therefore, the upmost caution was needed when choosing a hard drive to reliably store and recall information from the multiple camera inputs.
For NUUO Titan NVR to meet its full potential and accommodate clients’ storage needs, NUUO trusts and recommends Seagate surveillance-optimized hard drives for reliable and affordable data storage. Following this storage recommendation, the Texas security company installed Seagate Terascale HDDs, which offer 24×7 operational capabilities that enable round-the-clock uptime and are also built to support the demanding workloads of multiple HD video streams. The latest generation of the Seagate Terascale HDD incorporates features like rotational vibration sensors to further enhance drive performance in the multi-drive environment – an ideal addition for organizations that continue to expand their surveillance systems.
Offering capacity points up to 4TB, Seagate Terascale HDDs easily support bulk storage from a large number of HD cameras as well. The exceptional durability of these drives ensures smooth performance and reliability when paired with NUUO Titan NVR and its unique File Ring recording technology. By implementing Terascale HDDs in NUUO Titan NVR, NUOO’s security partner helped the nonprofit achieve reduced cost of storage, minimized risk of data loss or corruption and ongoing stability for its surveillance system.
Offering the Best in Surveillance Solutions
By thoroughly evaluating its customer’s needs and understanding the future intent for the nonprofit’s surveillance system, the Texas surveillance system integrator was able to complete not just their first NUUO install, but their first IP install with success! The security company was pleased with the support from NUUO and the performance of Seagate Terascale HDDs. The system integrator continues to sell the NUUO Titan NVR, and has already earned its next installation. 

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