Sep 18 2014
NUUO and Sony Electronics Asia Pacific team up to test NUUO’s latest enterprise VMS solution

September 18, 2014 - Combining 40 units of SNC-VB630 and 26 units of SNC-VM630 cameras, NUUO set out to test the stability of NUUO Crystal™ under a real-world 64-channel operation environment. The original goal was to continuously record for at least 10 days without system dump or recording process failure. The end result far exceeds NUUO’s original expectations. The entire NUUO Crystal™ system ran for a full 33-day cycle without any interruption, and would have continued to function without problem if not for the system update that force interrupted the recording cycle.

NUUO is proud to present the surveillance solution that provides rock solid enterprise level performance. The award winning NUUO Crystal™ features: 

Centralized Management
NUUO Crystal™ features centralized management, allowing for rapid server deployment and increases efficiency in managing large projects from site to site. A centralized video wall display also leads to easy monitoring of multiple cameras across servers, saving time and improving efficiency.

Rock Solid Recording Performance
NUUO Crystal™ offers solid recording function along with many data technology to maintain system availability and save disk space. Utilizing custom technology known as the File Ring, NUUO Crystal™ is able to handle high megapixel recordings and maintain up to 250 Mbps for a single volume and up to 550 Mbps when used in conjunction with volume group settings. Individual IRC settings and boost recording features also enhance the overall recording performance.

Unrivaled Integration Choices
As a 3rd party integration platform, NUUO Crystal™ offers unparalleled integration choices. With the use of NUUO SDK or TCP/IP receiver, two-way integration can be easily achieved. NUUO Crystal™ offers developers an easy and open platform to innovate on, so a thriving ecosystem of open integration solutions is possible.

Coupling with NUUO Crystal™ in this stress test was Sony’s latest offering in HD surveillance solutions. SNC-VB630 and SNC-VM630 are the latest V series models from Sony. These cameras come equipped with full HD resolution, 60fps and improved sensitivity thanks to a new Exmor CMOS sensor.

The SNC-VB630 (box camera) and SNC-VM630 (mini dome) both features the IPELA ENGINE EX signal processing system, providing advanced features such as high frame rate, and improved image processing with View-DR, XDNR and DEPA Advanced. The high frame rate mode – 60 fps and 50 fps – delivers smoother, more natural movement in the video. View-DR at 90 dB captures objects clearly even under very harsh lighting conditions, such as strong backlight or high contrast conditions. XDNR (eXcellent Dynamic Noise Reduction) delivers clear, low-noise, images in low light conditions. DEPA Advanced Intelligent Video and Audio Analytics triggers alarms according to user-defined rules. In-camera analytics are enhanced by additional features such as face detection, left object and removed object detection.

Both cameras offer more than double the sensitivity of the 5th generation cameras, with a minimum illumination of 0.1 lx in Colour mode and 0.07 lx in B/W mode. It can be powered by PoE (IEEE 802.3af-compliant), by AC 24 V +/- 20% or by DC 12 V +/- 10%, for easy installation.

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About NUUO Inc.
NUUO is one of the leading global surveillance solution providers, known for its reliability, prompt service and innovative spirit. Thanks to the advanced solutions, NUUO’s VMS and NVR solutions offer not only comprehensive recording and monitoring for IP cameras, but also an added value in forms of integration with other surveillance and security solutions such as IVS, Access Control, LPR, POS and others. The range of use is covering projects in the different vertical industries, such as retail, education, hospitality, banking, industrial, mass transportation and enterprises.
About Professional Solutions Company (PSAP), Sony Electronics Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
Sony manufactures audio, video, communications and information technology products for the global consumer and professional markets. Professional Solutions Company (PSAP) is established as a division company under Sony Electronics Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. It markets Sony’s leading broadcast systems, professional video and audio products, as well as videoconferencing, medical and surveillance systems in Asia other than Japan. It also provides customised business solutions, comprehensive technical support and after-sales service to help Sony’s customers stay at the forefront of their business. For more information, please visit the . Sony site



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