Jun 17 2014
NUUO combines VIVOTEK’s Smart Stream feature for better VMS support

June 13, 2014 - NUUO Inc. today announces support for VIVOTEK’s Smart Stream technology on both NUUO Crystal™ and NUUO Mainconsole Solutions. VIVOTEK’s Smart Stream technology was developed out of demand for more efficient video streams. VIVOTEK Smart Stream technology intelligently allocates bandwidth when streaming moving objects or Regions of Interest in surveillance scenarios, resulting in increased savings in bandwidth and storage space.

Steve Ma, Executive Vice President, VIVOTEK stated: “VIVOTEK Smart Stream is specifically designed for helping users intelligently allocating bandwidth, saving storage cost, and improving the business efficiency. It’s great that our Smart Stream technology is now integrated with NUUO Crystal™ and NUUO Mainconsole Solutions, providing with more benefits and higher flexibility to both NUUO’s and VIVOTEK’s customers.”

NUUO Crystal™ is the latest enterprise flagship Linux VMS solution from NUUO. With solid recording functions and high availability, NUUO Crystal™ is the ideal solution for large scale surveillance needs. By offering support for VIVOTEK’s Smart Stream, NUUO Crystal™ further increases user-friendliness and grants user greater saving over bandwidth and disk space.

Open, Powerful, Secure. The award winning NUUO Crystal™ represents the next level in VMS evolution. As the industry moves towards an IP based ecosystem, it is important to choose the right product that is built from the ground up to take every advantage of such new standard. For more information, check out NUUO Crystal™ microsite today.

For more information on VIVOTEK’s Smart Stream feature and supported cameras, please refer to VIVOTEK’s website.


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NUUO is one of the leading global surveillance solution providers, known for its reliability, prompt service and innovative spirit. Thanks to the advanced solutions, NUUO’s VMS and NVR solutions offer not only comprehensive recording and monitoring for IP cameras, but also an added value in forms of integration with other surveillance and security solutions such as IVS, Access Control, LPR, POS and others. The range of use is covering projects in the different vertical industries, such as retail, education, hospitality, banking, industrial, mass transportation and enterprises.

VIVOTEK offers a comprehensive product lineup, including network cameras, video servers, video receivers, NVR, and central management software. In 2005 VIVOTEK launched the first self-developed multimedia SoC (VVTK-1000), and used it in its 7000-series surveillance products. For years to come, VIVOTEK will develop products featuring more advanced functions to broaden our product portfolio from entry level to high end. VIVOTEK will also continue to offer more cost-effective and higher value-added solutions for our customers. www.vivotek.com
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