Mar 12 2014
NUUO Launches NUUO Crystal™: The Linux Enterprise Solution

March 12, 2014 -NUUO Inc. today launched its latest Linux enterprise solution – NUUO Crystal™. This flagship system features the latest innovation in VMS, and is expected to become an ideal choice for those looking for scalable VMS solutions.

Linux has been adopted by Enterprise as their choice for enterprise solution in recent years. Secure, feature-rich, and large developer support are but some of the benefits of Linux adoption. Built on this strong foundation, NUUO Crystal™ offers secure, powerful, and open technology to empower VMS solutions.

NUUO Crystal™ is the ideal solution for large scale projects. It is secure from malware and virus attacks. With a worldwide community of developers supporting Linux; any system flaw is patched up as soon as it’s discovered. NUUO Crystal™ also features centralized management, allowing for rapid server deployment and increases efficiency in managing large projects from site to site. A centralized video wall display also leads to easy monitoring of multiple cameras across servers, saving time and improving efficiency.

NUUO Crystal™ also offers solid recording function along with many data technology to maintain system availability and save disk space. Utilizing custom technology known as the File Ring, NUUO Crystal™ is able to handle high megapixel recordings and maintain up to 250 Mbps for a single volume and up to 550 Mbps when used in conjunction with volume group settings. Individual IRC settings and boost recording features also enhance the overall recording performance.

As a 3rd party integration platform, NUUO Crystal™ offers unparalleled integration choices. With the use of NUUO SDK or TCP/IP receiver, two-way integration can be easily achieved. NUUO Crystal™ offers developers an easy and open platform to innovate on, so a thriving ecosystem of open integration solutions is possible.

NUUO Crystal™ represents NUUO’s latest vision in the next stage of VMS. NUUO Crystal™ will be available at Secutech and ISCWest, For more information please check.

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