Oct 30 2012
NUUO Mainconsole is now compatible with VIT LPR

NUUO Mainconsole (VMS, DVR and Hybrid system) is now compatible with VIT Company LPR solution at the software version of 4.0. VIT provides the professional and state of the art license plate recognition solution. VIT has two LPR solutions, including VIT Autocode Parking and VIT Autocode Traffic. With this integration, license plate data from VIT LPR solution and the surveillance video from NUUO Mainconsole can be combined together. Customers can view live video and recorded video with the license plate data at NUUO Mainconsole and remote live veiwer application.

System architecture:

NUUO Mainconsole (VMS) integration with VIT LPR solution offers the following features:
  • Compatible with NUUO VMS/DVR/Hybrid systems
  • Displaying license plate on multiple live video channels
  • 10 user defined alarms per camera.
  • 10 prompt responses with NUUO Smart Guard system
  • Recording license plate with surveillance video
  • Intelligent metadata search for license plate or specific keyword over multiple LPR lanes
  • SQLite format Database of license plate
  • Capable of creating an integrated parking event control system

Supported country list (Oct 2012):

About VIT:

Video Internet Technologies (VIT) Company works in the hi-tech area since year 2000. The basis of the creative group is comprised of the graduates and teachers of the National Technical University of Ukraine “Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”. Contemporary intelligent systems for various purposes are some of the VIT achievements. Overseer is one of these systems. It is a video surveillance and security system that has a flexible functions configuring according to the users’ demands. VIT team members have developed original video-capture boards with ability of hardware and software video-frame compression. Hardware-software complex Overseer is easy to connect and to set for working with video-capture boards and digital cameras by the outside producers. For instance, Wi-Fi-, IP- and Ethernet-cameras are supported. For more information on VIT Company, please click HERE.

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