May 2 2007
NUUO Releases IP Version 2.6

Taipei, Taiwan

NUUO Technology has released its latest NVR management software, "IP" version 2.6. It's specially modified to be smarter and friendlier ever. Not only does it make comprehensive surveillance simple and easy, it releases the true power of network surveillance system.

User can enjoy the enhancement of "IP" version 2.6 from conditional recording with pre/post alarm, automatically search of UPnP cameras, simple optional manual record, snapshot of video footage, Auto Patrol with multiple schemes, Dynamic DNS, 3GPP services, GUI Playback upgrade, remote playback server managing, remote AV live viewer with I/O supports and PTZ preset. Active X control Upgrade, and last but not the least, data base tools.

NUUO NVR, the "IP" is a powerful surveillance management software, designed to suit the need of mid and small scale properties of homes and businesses. Supporting the core of this software is the "Smart Guard system."This system does 6 different motion detections and 6 instant responses, feeding the fundamentally needs of security surveillance, preventing, warning and recovering.

"IP" NVR management software enquired strong surveillance features. It can manage up to 64 cameras simultaneously. Features include Dual Monitor real-time A/V displayer, PTZ distance operation, GUI recording, real-time reviewer and filter, video enhancement tools, and multi I/O supports. Supporting 3GPP and major remote devices, makes instant responses most efficient ever.

NUUO supports 15 languages, ranging from Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Danish, Japanese, Spanish, Greek, French, Russia, English, Thai, Korean, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese, Germany

NUUO "IP" has the capability in supporting over 250 cameras from over 20 leading manufactures


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