Sep 11 2007
NUUO received Taipei International Electronic Autumn Show (Taitronic)

Taipei, Taiwan

The 2007 Taipei International Electronic Autumn Show (Taitronic) Award for innovative product in the field of security industry is presented to NUUO Inc., in commendation of its contribution to bring advanced technology and simplify the most comprehensive job in security; which also, directly enhanced our safety in daily life. NUUO received the award for its introduction of the Asia first open-platform PC based surveillance management system, the ¡§IP series¡¨ NVR.

The Taitronic expo is no doubt to be one of the largest Asian electronic exhibitions for the past 33years. This time, judges from electronic compounds providers to electronic device user-representatives was gathered to critique over 200 applications. The final top fives earn the award with a chance to be presents at the entrance during the exhibition.

NUUO demonstrated exceptional innovation by producing an effective open-platform surveillance system with flexibility to integrate with all kinds of security compounds. The powerful open platform supports over 300 IP cameras from over 20 major brands. On the other hand, it can also combine with NUUO DVR surveillance system to form a Hybrid NDVR with a choice of H.264 or MPEG4 video capture. The most reward-able part of this system is its break thru on GUI. NUUO utilize simple graphical icons in replacing comprehensive professional surveillance directions. It¡¦s believed by the judges to be an easy operating solution for end-users.

Supporting the core of this system is the NUUO ¡§I-Guard,¡¨ which does 6 video analysis and 6 instant responses. Also featuring counting application, 3GPP supports, remote controlling, dual monitor real-time A/V displayer, PTZ distance operation, GUI recording, real-time reviewer and filter, video enhancement tools, multi I/O supports, and more.

The Taitronic Award critiques from five aspects of the products, including innovation, marketing, environmental, safety, and functionalities. It is believed by the judges that NUUO¡¦s product not only does it fits for these aspects, but also dose brings convenience and security to our living environments.


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