Feb 15 2008
Integration - The Total Solution For Network Surveillance

Taipei, Taiwan

More than USD$ 10 billion will pour into surveillance market in 2008. Thus network surveillance remains a rapid growth of 50%; the scale was estimated to be only USD$ 3 billion globally. In the other words, it takes longer for the entire security business to transform from digitalized to networking.

Taiwanese brand NUUO, is pioneering in developing the total surveillance solution - CMS, which has the capability to integrate devices from different brands. It's believed to be the product that leads the surveillance industry in this evolution.

After the so-called "digitalization" dominating the security surveillance industry for a decade, networking and intelligent capability is taking over gradually. An evolution seems to be normal in any industry, but risky for security. Information security and internet hacker threats are the major concerns that kept major players moving slowly in this industry. Thus networking is bringing surveillance features to a brand new level (eg. distance monitoring, intelligent functions, etc...); however, conservative "closed circuit" is still preferred when safety means everything.repliky hodinek

A total solution of open platform CMS (Central Management System) is design to integrate all and any kinds of devices. It will definitely play the most important role in this evolution.


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