Apr 11 2008
NUUO Releases CMS Version 3.0.0

Taipei, Taiwan

With transnational enterprises' development, the most importance is how to efficiently manage all the departments and factories located across the world. NUUO catches this trend, releasing version 3.0 which enhances Remote Client's control on NUUO Central Management System (NUUO CMS). In other words, NUUO version 3.0 is indispensable to NUUO CMS. It serves as Alarm Source of NUUO CMS, reminding remote customers of instantly triggered events.

NUUO 3.0 version enables Remote Desktop Configuration and Remote Backup recording Video. Customers in the distance can completely control the Main Console through internet access. Also, NUUO 3.0 version adds an option to open Remote Live Viewer on the 2nd monitor for customers who want to monitor a large number of live views simultaneously .

When events are detected, NUUO version 3.0 can be set to send SMS message to customers or to Central Server of CMS, which are new, convenient and immediate reaction compared with old version.

Most of all, NUUO version 3.0 add up to 22 IP camera brands, including Axis, Vivotek, Panasonic... It will make our customers much easier integrate the surveillance system. With over 400 IP camera models available, NUUO surveillance system provides even greater compatibility for customers.


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