Jul 21 2009
New Release of NUUO NAS NVRmini 2.0 with POS included
Location: Taipei, Taiwan,

NUUO newly claimed NAS NVRmini Standalone 2.0 supports POS (Point of Sale) and several new camera models

Continuing the success of NUUO NAS NVRmini1.3, the upgraded NAS NVRmini2.0 has a newly developed POS(Point of sale)function, which can integrate a user’s recording systems, for example, ATM records, transaction data from cash registers, or entry records, which will be helpful for bank management, shopping malls, chain stores or offices. Also, as an open platform, NUUO NAS NVRmini 2.0 newly supports Mobotix MxPEG codec and several new camera models such as ACTi, Axis, Arecont, Cisco, IQinVision and Vivotek……etc.
 “With special features for all scale businesses, the NUUO NAS NVRmini2.0, continues with the features and user-friendly remote viewing and playback interface of NAS NVRmini, and further provides a thoughtful and safer solution by increasing the POS system, RAID, and is automatically backed up by remote FTP, which will ideally meet the needs for sufficient surveillance,” Spokesperson of NUUO says.  
 NUUO NAS NVRmini standalone is an easy installation surveillance system for users. It only takes 8 min to install in 4 simple steps. Users can access video by remote viewers and browsing software, such as IE, enabling users to view and playback video from anywhere. Moreover, NUUO NAS NVRmini 2.0 supports new features, such as POS and is automatically backed up by remote FTP, allowing users to apply the system to more industries and to improve stability.
As a management system, NAS NVRmini2.0 enlarges the original pre-record and post-record time, and can trigger a recording session together with guard systems’ reactions on all events. The playback function can analyze the record with 5 intelligent searches between different video sections.  On the managerial level, users can set up different limit levels of authority to protect the privacy and the safety of the data.
NUUO’s NAS NVRmini2.0 embeds the Linux system and PTZ functions. Furthermore, in addition to the POS function, it supports 4/8/16 channel IP cameras, includes tens of brands of H.264 and Megapixel cameras, supports up to 2/4 SATA 3G/s drives as well as 2/4 bay hard disk spaces and 1.5TB HDD , supports RAID 0, 1, 5, 10, and can automatically backup data to remote FTP, preventing data loss. It also supports two new additional languages, Korean and Polish. 

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