Aug 14 2009
NUUO IP+3.2 Heralds An Easier Management And Cross-Over From DVR To NVR
Location: Taipei, Taiwan,

NUUO is a leading open platform surveillance solution company. Its latest innovative software IP+ version 3.2 (Network Video Recorder) supports transcoding, digital watermark, and simultaneous multiple live view display.

NUUO software is known for being “user-friendly and stable” and its latest version, IP+3.2, has successfully developed a system that allows users to simultaneously record and display live different frame rates and resolutions. Since bandwidth and storage is expensive, this friendly function reduces the total viewing and storage cost. The multiple live-view display assists remote operators/users to obtain a different live video stream from multiple NUUO servers such as DVR, NVR, and Hybrid.  This function allows users to manage different types of infrastructure without transitional problems.  A dual monitor displaying up to 128 channels is a new function exclusive to this model. 
An additional feature of the Network flow monitor has been developed for the user who needs to avoid the lose of frame rate due to an high flow rate of data streaming bandwidth requested by  remote clients. Moreover, to enhance the protection of the original recording, a new Watermark verification tool is available and is both easy to find and to apply. 
The E-map function developed for our previous version has been enhanced and its preview window is more easily used. For users who are on the move, the PDA viewer allows them to see a 16ch snapshot or one live display with PTZ and I/O control buttons.
As an open platform surveillance software provider, NUUO continues to extend its support to 36 brands of IP cameras; 560 models from H.264 to Megapixel segment can be picked up according to the users’ requirements.

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