Jan 15 2010
NUUO “Capture the Market” program

From 15 Jan to 30 April 2010

  • Purchase a NUUO four channel H.264 capture card (SCB-6004R or SCB-7004R) and receive a one channel IP license for free.   
  • Purchase a NUUO eight channel H.264 capture card (SCB-6008R or SCB-7008R) and receive a two channel IP license for free. 
  • Purchase a NUUO sixteen channel H.264 NUUO capture card (SCB-6008R or SCB-7016R) and receive a four channel IP license for free.
  • Only available in Australia, Canada, Korea, USA and Latin America.
  • Only available through NUUO distributors actively participating in the “Capture the Market” promotion.
  •  Please contact with NUUO sales or email to [email protected] if you need more information.


NUUO H.264 Capture Card

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