Jan 8 2010
NUUO Central Management System V1.3 manages large-scale video and alarm systems

Taipei, Taiwan

NUUO, an intelligent surveillance software supplier, recently announced its Central Management System (CMS) V1.3.  NUUO CMS V1.3 is surveillance software that controls multi-site video recording servers as well as manages alarms and all possible incidents. With unlimited layers of intuitive E-maps and a flexible matrix control, CMS V1.3 can be applied to large-scale and multiple-site surveillance projects, such as airports, buildings, retail shops, hospitals and cities.
NUUO CMS V1.3 has new functions in its E-maps that shows camera coverage and provides instant status notification to the entire system. Security operators can know each device’s current status easily and clearly from the E-map. Moreover, security operators can deal with events efficiently by right clicking each device on the E-map. Once an alarm is triggered, security operators can react instantly, activating live video or playback video to track all events both prior to the alarm and live ongoing events.
In addition to the intuitive E-map, NUUO CMS V1.3 supports an unlimited matrix, an intelligent and centralized video wall. Security operators can manage many events with up to 9 types of layout.  They can set up rules to handle events and get live video feed of source devices and related devices instantly. NUUO CMS V1.3 also supports transcode for users to select different quality (frame rate and resolution) of video streams to reduce bandwidth wastage. 
Instant response and flexible operations with 3rd party integration are further enhanced in NUUO CMS Client V1.3.

  • Advanced alarm management capability
  • Supports auto startup and login NCS system
  • Supports audio from cameras
  • Supports point-of sales (POS)

NUUO CMS V1.3 also supports 9 languages, including Bulgarian, Chinese (Simplified/ Traditional), Danish, English, Finnish, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), and Spanish. CMS can manage all NUUO product lines including NDVR Hybrid, NVR, DVR and NVRmini. The NUUO NCS supports unlimited cameras, I/O devices, POS, servers and users. The controls and operation of NUUO CMS are clear-cut and map centric. It has the most powerful alarm management system among all NUUO product lines and can control unlimited matrix viewing consoles in the centralized control room.



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