Mar 23 2010
Belize Deputy Mayor's Visit To NUUO Taiwan Headquarters
Location: Taipei,Taiwan

Owing to the diplomatic relation with Taiwan the Deputy Mayor of Belize visited Taiwan for National Surveillance Infrastructure in 12th of Feb. 2010


Belize City, the largest city of Belize in Central America, composed of diverse cultures, languages,and 320,000 people. On the 11th February, the deputy mayor Mr. Dion Leslie, the members ofParliament Mr. Roger Esspejo, and Mr. Eric Chang represent Belize city government made a surveyabout the security monitoring industry in Taiwan. After few hours of a detailed conference anddemonstration of NUUO products, both Belize city government representatives and NUUO administration staff feel positive to assisting each other in developing the national surveillance infrastructure and international trading opportunities.


NUUO is the world’s leading provider of open platform video management solutions. Combining IP and analog technologies with IVS detections, NUUO guarantees a comprehensive security and surveillance solution to meet your high standard demands. Simple to install and manage, with customer-proven reliability, a high compatibility for 3rd party system integration and a wide range of IP camera support solutions in more than 20,000 worldwide installations, NUUO is dedicated to providing a flexible, user-friendly surveillance solution for large-scale and high-level enterprise projects as well as for small-and-medium business.


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