Jul 6 2010
NUUO’s NVRmini Now Offers ImmerVision Enables® 360° Functionality
Location: Taipei,Taiwan

ImmerVision,inventor of the 360° panomorph lens and worldwide expert in immersive optical technology, announced today that NUUO Inc, one of the global leading providers of CCTV and Network video surveillance solutions, has received the ImmerVision Enables certification for its NAS NVRmini. 

The NAS NVRmini is an easy installation surveillance system with user-friendly features ideal for banks, chain stores, education, hospitals or government organizations. With the addition of ImmerVision Enables 360o functionality, NUUO meets users’ needsfor more efficient surveillance by offering increased video surveillance coverage, heightened situational awareness and recreation of entire crime scenes on the spot.
“NUUO users can now simply eliminate blind spots. Just add a standard camera equipped with a Panomorph lens to the NAS NVRmini and you can view and playback the complete 360o event from any desktop computer,” said Amoson Hsu, NUUO’s Product Manager.
“The NAS NVRmini is a professional surveillance recording system that supports a large array of IP camera brands such as Sony, Panasonic and Samsung. Thanks to their state of the art ImmerVision Enables integration, NUUO customers can now easily take advantage of all 360o immersive functionalities when using panomorph lenses with these cameras,” said Frederick Landry, ImmerVision’s Senior Product Manager – Video Surveillance Applications.

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