Feb 24 2012
LILIN announces close partnership with NUUO

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LILIN, one of the world's leading providers of IP Video solutions,rolex replika have announced their close partnership with NUUO.

Combining IP and analogue technologies with IVS detections, NUUO are world leaders in delivering open platform Video Management Solutions (VMS). This new partnership is exciting for both LILIN and NUUO who going forward, will be working closely together.

ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) is a standard committed to ensuring interoperability between IP products regardless of the manufacturer. Back in 2009, LILIN became the first CCTV manufacturer to launch ONVIF conformant network video products. Since then, LILIN’s commitment to interoperability has become standard; the entire LILIN IP product range is now ONVIF compliant.

As the first to recognise the real potential of ONVIF conformant products, LILIN understood that the user could benefit from greater choice, flexibility and cost savings, and consequently opted to incorporate the ONVIF open protocol as standard. LILIN are now benefitting from a vision they anticipated years ago as the IP market has accelerated due to integration and open compatibility.

Both LILIN and NUUO share the same dedication to open platforms making it easier for users to take advantage of the possibilities offered by network video solutions. This close partnership sees both companies working to achieve global interoperability and a seamless integration of different network video surveillance products,replika órák regardless of the brand.

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