NUUO strives to bring you the latest innovation and we value your support. Software piracy is an important issue we would like to address. We have discovered there are NUUO products on the market with unauthorized licenses or being marketed by unauthorized resellers.

NUUO is unable to provide any support to unlicensed software, and by using unsupported products the risk of running into system problems and other technical difficulties increase greatly. Buy from an authorized reseller today and receive the full benefit of NUUO warranty and software support.

How do I know if my copy of NUUO software is genuine?

All NUUO software license comes in the form of 16 alphanumeric sequences split into 4 sets of 4 characters in each string. It will be sent in an email coming from domain or you will find a sticker inside the software disc case.

A sample of authentic NUUO license code may look like "4E13 SDFY 2REB Z214"

If you have further question regarding genuine NUUO licensing please contact [email protected]

I may have paid for pirated NUUO software

If you believe you have been sold pirated software, please contact NUUO at [email protected] and report the reseller’s name and location


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