[NUUO eNewsletter]See how NUUO Titan NVR works with Seagate Terascale HDDs to provide the best secured solution in Texas.
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Thank You for Coming All-Over-IP >
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Thank You for Coming All-Over-IP
We wish to thank you for attending 2014 All-Over-IP in Russia and coming to our booth. We hope you had the chance to experience our latest enterprise VMS solution and see what it can do to transform your business.
NUUO Crystal™ Professional Coming Soon
  • System Navigator for multi site managemet
  • Help Manager will be supported to save your time
  • Multi-Stream setting to optimize your installation cost
NUUO Mainconsole with 96 Channel
Capacity Coming Soon
  • Fisheye Dewarp: Calibration will be supported
  • Edge Recording will be available
NUUO is Coming to Intersec 2015
Reserve Your time to Visit NUUO at Booth # SAD-52C to find out our latest comprehensive surveillance solution!
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Founded in 2004, NUUO Inc. is one of the leading global surveillance solution providers known for its reliability, prompt service and innovative spirit. NUUO’s VMS and NVR solutions offer comprehensive recording, monitoring, and seamless 3rd party solution integration for IP and analog cameras.
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